Medical Records

Patient data at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Medical Records

Harness the power of patient data through our intuitively designed electronic medical records.

Medical History

Medical history is the heart of the Corsia platform. Within seconds you can review demographics, allergies, medications, vaccinations, family, medical and surgical histories.

Medical Events

Patient visits are elegantly organized into medical events. Perform body system checks, take notes, select diagnostic codes, upload photos or videos and even share medical events with other doctors.

Customizable Specialty Modules

We understand that no two specialties are alike. This is why we are regularly adding new specialty-specific modules so you can tailor the platform to your exact needs.

ICD 10 Coding

Bring your practice up to international standards through our simple ICD 10 coding function. This allows you to search through patients by diagnosis. The power of data.


Create detailed, fully branded e-prescriptions in just a few clicks. Print it out or send it directly to a participating pharmacy. Lost prescriptions are history.

Videos and Images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the power of video. Easily upload, store and share videos and images with Corsia’s integrated PACS system. Try the Corsia Photo Uploader App!

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