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We built the Corsia platform to lay the groundwork for an open collaborative healthcare ecosystem.

Digital Referrals

Refer patients to any other doctor or ancillary provider, whether or not they are a Corsia user. You are in control to select exactly which medical records are shared and which remain private.

Computerized Orders

Creating orders for medical services are one your most important roles as a doctor. Corsia helps you send orders easier than ever before. Send electronic orders and receive results directly and securely. You may never send a paper order again.

Patient Portal

Collaboration doesn’t only happen between healthcare providers. We aim to make collaboration with patients easier than ever, always striving for greater transparency in care.


Telemedicine makes remote collaboration possible like never before. Doctors can stay connected with patients and other doctors from across the world, or maybe just down the street.

Customer Partnerships

At Corsia, although we build software, we are first and foremost a human company. This is why we are always happy to help our customers in any way we can. If you need help with anything, just ask!

Messaging (coming soon)

In-platform messaging allows for real-time communication between healthcare providers. Because one is the loneliest number…

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