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Dr. Oscar Benitez

Personally, I find Corsia to be the biggest help and source of updates regarding medicine, given that through them I’ve managed to take a step towards technology and it’s helped me to be more organized in my patients’ check-up, allowing me to bring a better service. It is also worth mentioning that I have complete access to their X-Rays, allowing me to be of help with clinical records, pre and post surgical records, and evolutions at any given time.

Dr. Guillermo Toledo Mena

Regarding sports medicine, Corsia’s platform has helped me keep a better check on athletes, whether it be by comparing variables between players on the same team, or individual athlete statistics. It is also of great help with prevention and rehabilitation of injuries of different nature.
It helps me achieve a better therapeutic handle through the tools Corsia provides, as well.

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We believe in improving patient workflow on every facet of EHR solutions, and in order to maximize efficiency, we have developed IOS and Android apps that integrate seamlessly with our software.

The Corsia Technologies mobile app allows you to upload images directly to the platform from your mobile device using cutting edge technology. As long as a mobile device is present, you are able to securely document patient images into your EHR dashboard.

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